Touch of Leather Dog Collar - Beige - Barker & Bones
Touch of Leather Dog Collar - Beige - Barker & Bones


Touch of Leather Dog Collar - Beige

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    • Handmade in Austria
    • UV & weather resistant
    • 4 X 300KG hand-woven sailing rope
  • Suitable for all dogs

Bringing back some good old classics! Molly & Stitch proudly presents you the elegant "Beige". Designed and hand crafted in Austria with love and passion, the "Touch of Leather" collar combines the exquisite style with the highest quality, carefully designed for our dogs' enjoyment and the owners practicality. 


Size Neck size Width
XS 24 - 28 cm 2,0 cm
S 28 - 32 cm 2,0 cm
M 32 - 38 cm 2,5 cm
L 36 - 42 cm 2,5 cm
XL 42 - 48 cm 3,0 cm
XXL 46 - 52 cm 3,0 cm



Easy to clean.


Molly & Stitch was founded in Germany by dog owners for 2 reasons: the love towards dogs and the passion for creation. Molly & Stitch is truly dedicated to developing the world’s finest and innovative dog accessories.

Located at the doorstep of the Carinthian mountains in Austria, all M&S products are carefully developed for purpose at the highest quality with a great value placed on detail. They continuously strive to deliver the highest quality possible for our four-legged friends